Individual Supporters

PGSS alumni are ranked among the most prestigious and exclusive set of any organization.

Their passions have led them everywhere from Antarctica to Singapore. The majority have attended top universities such as UPenn, Penn State Shreyers, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and CMU, and the average alumni has earned multiple degrees, such as an MD, an MBA, a PhD, a Masters, or a JD in addition to a Bachelors.

At a PGSS reunion, you will find multiple CEOs, professors, engineers, teachers, managing directors, scientists, doctors, chip designers, cancer researchers, traders, game developers, composers, technologists, brain surgeons, quants, consultants, TV writers, attorneys- a diverse and inspiring group who all met and studied science together at an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind summer program as teenagers.

And it was all absolutely free, creating an incredibly rare opportunity for students to make lasting friends from diverse backgrounds. This program has demonstrated that drive, curiosity, and a love of science transcend socioeconomic barriers, bringing together young scientists from all across Pennsylvania who have gone on to continue pursuing excellence. As evidenced by their PGSS team projects, PGSS alumni dreamed of engaging in challenging, meaningful work with elite teams ever since high school, and their subsequent successes prove they continue to exhibit their talents throughout their entire lives.

The PGSS organization is proud and happy to recognize such successful individuals as their alumni and supporters — your stories and accomplishments illustrate how Pennsylvania high school students go on to change the world. Thank you for supporting this inspiring program.