Beverly Jogan

Beverly is a small animal veterinarian living in Philadelphia. She and her husband, Keith Mathers, both attended PGSS in 1997, and both returned as TAs in 2002 and 2003. Having attended high school in an underfunded urban public high school, her experience at PGSS was a major factor in encouraging her to set higher goals. It took her out of her comfort zone academically, but into a comfort zone socially. She then pursued her undergraduate studies in Biology and Physical Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, and continued at Penn to earn her Veterinary Medical Degree. Beverly feels very strongly that PGSS is a unique and extremely valuable experience for students who want to learn for the sake of learning, and inspires them to have greater ambition to contribute to their communities and to advances in science. Keith and Beverly now have two little boys, and they hope that their children will someday have the same wonderful opportunities that they were afforded as students in Pennsylvania.